How Can I Improve My Site?

08/01/2015 08:16

Hello I have a program that is the best in the world.

What can I do to improve my conversion?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



Hey MaksP

Why don't you try the 3-step process instead?

1. You offer something very valuable in exchange for a name and an email.
2. Follow up with more useful & helpful information, then.
3. Present your offer.

When somebody is in that situation where they are desperate to increase their jump, what is the one thing you can provide them, so that they can begin to improve their situation?

If you can think of something that will work for them, and offer it free then:

You build trust that way,
You demonstrate that your system works
Your selling becomes easy.

Maybe even the first 2 lessons of your course free?
See and example from the past here - End Cold Calling Forever!

Good luck



My advice would be to reposition and repackage your product. Segment the training for specific age groups, grades even gender. This way you increase your overall product line and you're able to identify your most profitable target audience. It will also help you differentiate yourself from every other vertical leap training program, including the ones that are being given away for free. Next, I would increase the quality of your product, including providing a dvd copy and printed training program. As far as the site, I would start off with personal testimonials, real clients of different ages measuring their day one vertical leap and then cut ahead to the end of the training period and show the increased results, all with video proof. Also, move those videos to a better video host instead of using Youtube. Your site should be the only advertising the visitor sees, and use only one video on the home page.



Weird Tracking Issue

Hello, I using Prosper202 to track traffic from Bing to my squeeze page. The problem is that I cant get posback pixel to fire when someone arrives to the thank you page.

It is really weird. When I enter the thank you page URL in directly and arrive at the thank you page, the pixel fires and P202 shows that a lead was generated with keyword "no keyword". If I do the same thing and using the P202 link and enter a generic keyword such as "MAKE MONEY online", it shows a conversion and the correct keyword.

However, when several users signed up and I verified that they did go to the thank you page, the pixel is not firing and it is not showing a lead being generated. 

Can anyone point me in the direction of getting this to track?

That's a hard one to pin down. You might have to SHARE the code of your "thank you" page to see if anyone can spot a potential error. 

Another option is to use a tool like New Relic. It'll cost some money, but one of the many features is recording of JavaScript errors so that you can see what problems other people on your site ran into. a JavaScript error of some sort is almost always the cause of a pixel not firing. Much more rarely it's a browser plugin like Ghostery that's meant to block them.