Honest opinions on my landing page

08/01/2015 06:25

Hey guys

I have had my page up and running for a few weeks and its currently converting at about 9%. 

This is my first go at an internet business and I need to boost the conversions dramatically as Im only receiving a very small sum per lead that I generate. 

As such its not worth me at the moment laying out on PPC which I really want to do as i think it would work for my niche. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the conversion rate up? 

Id really appreciate your advice as Im a newby and would love to hear from your experienced opinions.

Thanks in advance



It's important to understand that MARKETING is a competition and often requires a strategy to succeed. You must go beyond doing very well in your marketing message, you must excel. You need to stand out from your competition to have any worthwhile success. 

A big part of the conversion rate equation is in how well targeted your traffic is. While it might seem counter intuitive to spend money on PPC it just might be the best INVESTMENT you could make, for several reasons.

Better targeted traffic tends to convert at a higher rate. Nothing allows you to target more precisely than a properly managed PPC campaign on the search network. Even if you are not able to reach a positive ROI on your initial campaign, it can provide very valuable insight into what will help you improve conversion rates. 

You can test individual keywords, headlines, value propositions, and call-to-actions to see what your audience responds to the most. Those insights will allow you to craft better ads and better landing pages. It also provides useful data about the value of each MARKET segment that you might consider targeting.

With the insights gained from your initial round of testing you can build a better campaign, using better targeting, better ads, and better converting landing pages. It is also of great benefit to isolate specific market segments to test your improvements against, which isn't nearly as easy to do outside of a keyword search campaign.

Generally speaking, a guy using PPC and scientific test methods on search networks will reach profitability much faster than the guys who don't. Once you've established the value per click on each segment you can adjust your bids for a predictable profit.

Search marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. With the insights and improved conversion rates gained in your search campaign research you can dive deeper into market segments in the display networks and social networks to target specific demographics, interest groups and affinities, gaining insights all along the way, providing continuous improvements to profits.



thanks for your detailed reply. Thing is the average cpc is only like £0.5 less than I receive for selling a lead. Therefore it is not worth spending the money on PPC. I would need to have a conversion rate of more than 35% which is why I am asking for opinions on my actual page as it is at the moment



How To Improve My Online Orders / Conversions

Hi All,

We are sign shop, and we have recently redeveloped our website, with the aim of increasing online orders. We spent a fair bit of time researching, planning and making sure the site and order process was as easy for the customer as follows. We are quite happy with the design and it is a big improvement on our previous website in terms of look and usability, and we have been getting some good feedback from our customers, friends and family, however we just arn't quite getting the orders / conversions we were hoping to get.

I was hoping that some of you with more experience, might be able to take a look at the site and the ordering process, to see if we are doing something wrong, or if there is something we could do to help increase orders.

After spending a bit of time and money on the redevelopment, I am hoping that the advice won't require major redevelopment changes, however I am open to all suggestion.

The website is Plastic Printing | Corflute Signs - Banners - A-Frames - Stickers

Well lets start with this... by enlarge what type of name is mostly associated to an order? a guys name or a girls name? I have probably more than a hunch that Men are buying more from you.. and you have an image of some dang long haired dude... 

The site is pretty don't get me wrong... but where is the call to action on the main page like "Get Started here"? At the VERY LEAST the "Fast Process > 1 Select Product > 2 Upload Artwork....." make that "Select Product" Orange and actionable make it go to a page where they select the product they want.

in the "upload artwork process" make the next needed action Orange so the "Upload Artwork Files" would be orange.

The overall call to action doesn't fit... "Buy Now" I don't want to buy now... I want to "get started". the "Add To Cart" you are implying "Paying" but you want them to "upload artwork" next.

Again Keep the actionables consistent in color. let the Orange guide them through the process.

I would BET that if you really started looking at your user data they are bailing on the "add to cart" or pricing page.

I want 200 Pull up banners.. I can only buy 10 at a time? you and I both know you can scroll a bit more and see "Price Calculator" but is it really a "Price Calculator" or a "Custom Quantity Pricing Tool?"

The question here is would you place the Insert quantity option on top and then have the preset "quick options" underneath?

The one other thing I noticed.. the progress bar is way on the bottom of the page. you might want to move that up top. with each step a customer is going to wonder how many steps are there... this is taking forever... you are not visually reassuring them that Hey.. 3 steps left, your almost there!

All in all some of this may need some testing... but creating a clear path of action is needed.