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07/01/2015 23:25

My website is Health Insurance, Business, Auto - Medford, Long Island, New York Insurance Broker - Peak Advisors, Inc. 
We get plenty of unique visitors to our site, but none contact us.
I was hoping you guys to take a look at it and give me pointers or ideas as to how to improve the site to convert visitors to clients based on the site I have in place. 
Thanks for all your help!

Hello, I'd like to hear great examples of small and midsize companies, and their well converting websites and squeeze pages.

Why SMEs? Because, there is one huge problem out there for new players. Principal mistake for smaller companyis to copy website design, CTA, copy writing etc. from huge well known companies!

Why? Because, big companies have already all kind of company policies, corporate social responsibilities, dozens of stakeholders etc, SO THEY ARE FORCED TO BE LAME AND BORING!

That's why it is mistake to copy something lame and boring .

”You cannot bore people into buying, you can only interest them.” -David Ogilvy

So my original question: Please post good


How do I make a sale from my landing page?

Hi all
I have been driving traffic to my landing page. It is for soccer meme and soccer enthusiasts.
However I havent sold 1 single copy of my e magazine.
I dont know what to do .... yesterday 800 visitors viewed my landing page and still no sales

anyone know a solution?

here is my landing page:
Soccer Meme E Magazine

Maybe the price is too high?
The copy & the design are kind of broken.

Put yourself in their shoes - would you buy from such a site?

Get a simpler design, use AIDA (attention interest desire action) and make it look a bit professional. The niche doesn't excuse the mess.

Best regards,