Having trouble with conversions?

08/01/2015 07:39

I thought I would SHARE something that appears to be true (at least for me) 

Ugly pages convert better than lovely pages. 

I first noticed this on a book promotion I was doing. I had a plain Jane graphic (even sort of unrelated to the content - just generic) on an opt in page for those interested in hearing when my book came out. 

My graphic designer made a fancy and nice design that was very much related to the optin purpose. - Conversions fell to almost nothing. 

I was shocked. 

I've since noticed that ugly seems to do better than pretty on more than one occasion. 

What do you think? Any thoughts or experiences to share?



I agree with all sentiments above. It's hard to make any true judgements without examples of the two pages, however, ugly does not always mean better conversions. It really depends on the layout structure of your LP and if the design/graphics are helping to make a clear point or simply a distraction. If it's the latter, then yes, pretty LPs can sometimes impede the conversion process.

The main reason, I have found within my own campaigns, that more simple LPs tend to work is because they define the product better without clutter/distractions, yet if you take remarkable headline and add a few elements to help emphasize the key points, then you will end up with a much more professional looking page with better conversions.

Example Headline: "Generate $100 Per Day - Uncover the Shocking <course niche> Tactic Experts Use to <insert benefit here>"

Example Headline2: Same Headline above with red arrows pointing to the headline, 2 highlight graphics outlining the "$100 per Day" and the <benefit>. Maybe even take it a step further and include a faded graphic in the background, slight drop shadow on the text, and a white outline.

As you can imagine, example 2 will almost always convert higher as the graphics boost the message and DO NOT impede it.



what sells best online?


i want to open blogs for affiliate links. what do people buy? what itmes have the best conversion rate? 
i tried psychology books, but the conversion rate was horrible. what about pets accessories?
any ideas or suggestions on the subject? which items are the best ones to sell on the net?



About every affiliate network you use will give you stats on how
any item is selling. For example, Amazon.com has sales ranking
for any item. These are not secrets because the affiliate platform
wants you to succeed. Because when you do they do as well.

So look at the stats provided by the platform you are using and
you should be on your way.

-Ray Edwards



New products that provide everyday solutions - AKA The Shark Tank Products

A lot of up and coming new products ask for affiliate MARKETING before an actual product launch. These can be great avenues as you can reach out to the internal marketing department of these products and promote them on your website.