Had some good first week traffic. No One Bought a Thing. Why?

08/01/2015 05:12

Hi wallstud,

Providing aggregate data for all traffic to all pages tells us very little. A key concept of marketing is segmentation, we need to see how various segments of traffic and segments of your website content performed. Not all segments of your traffic will have the same stats, not all pages of your website will have the same stats. By measuring the relative differences in your MARKET segments we are able to gain insight into your audience and how they respond to various segments of your content.

30 visitors a day is not much traffic to base any kind of decision on for just one week's data. Start segmenting your traffic sources and content within your analytics and you will begin to gain valuable insights into both your traffic and how your audience responds to individual segments of your content.

65% of your visitors bounced, but which traffic source bounced the most? Which segment of the traffic sources bounced the least? Comparing those two may provide an insight. 

Did they all bounce from the same page, or did some pages have a high bounce rate while others had lower bounce rates? Answering that question may provide an insight into the type of content that your audience responds well to, and the content that they are not really interested in.

Not all your visitors viewed the exact same number of pages, right? Learn which MARKET segments had the most page views and the longest session duration, that may provide insight into which traffic sources are the best to target for your website.

The key to understanding your audience is in segmenting your data. Does that make sense?

To use a baseball analogy, you took a swing and got a hit, but now you must drop your bat and run to first base, else the hit doesn't count for anything. You have some data, not much yet, but you are on the right path, you just need to start segmenting your data to gain insights. Use those insights to refine what you are doing and move one step closer to a home run.


Hi mate, is this the site in question: rockshirtcity.com?
I can't figure out what you're selling there? I can't find any products, no clear C2A, no value information and so on. Backgrounds are nice though, but not in this context



600 click a day

I had a good campaign to pull customers to the website, but the number of clients participate in buying is a very low 

I want to know what they need and what to do when shopping online.
Please suggest me to improve this case.
The answers can be found, in part, in your website analytic data. If you have things setup properly then you will see which segments are driving traffic, how far your visitors are venturing into your website, how long they spend on each page and exactly where they are abandoning your website. Those insights should help you out quite a bit. 

What analytic software are you using?