goofy conversion rate

08/01/2015 08:06

One of my sites has a goofy conversion rate and it has been like this since I put up the site. Most of my traffic is paid but what happens is I might sell a good bit one week then the next week with about the same amount of traffic I might sell one tenth of what I did the week before. 

Some weeks I may sell a ton on monday then nothing the rest of the week and my sales are always like this being all over the map. This site has been doing this for about 6 months and some months I make good money and others I make break even. Does anyone else have this happen and what is going through the minds of the visitors which should be very targeted traffic. 

So I don't get why the same kind of targeted traffic buys one week and not the next.



 I Want Your Expert's Opinion Urgent

Hey Magik,

It's a decent sales page... but there's big, quick fixes that can make it even better. I'll try to wrap it up in a few points:
  1. You have multiple things going on in your banner/headline. Make it a bit more concise and to the point
  2. You don't really specify the benefits that someone will get by having you create the magazine until later in the sales pitch. You know the benefits, but remind your audience up front. Most sales pages only have a couple seconds to sell your services!
  3. You have an absurd amount of checkmarks and arrow bullets. Break them up by using different backgrounds (dark grey for one point, white for the next etc)
  4. I know that you're a very pretty man... but 4 images of yourself is a bit overkill <3

Edit: Also, if you're using buttons for additional information (the three blue buttons) try to break up your sales pages so it's not as long, or take them out.
Hi there,
The page is way too busy at the top for me. You have to be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR about what I am getting in less than 20 seconds. I wasn't sure what you were offering in longer than that time.. Take a look at my site (I'm not doing this for a visitor honest! ) and see how long it takes you to see what I am offering..

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Overall the page is waaaay too busy. You have too many font styles, weights, sizes, etc.. Makes it really hard to read.

Also, since you are selling something visual (a digital magazine), people are going to judge the look of your sales page much more as a reflection of your product. You don't want people thinking their magazines are going to look like your sales page 

Here is what I would do:

1. Get rid of the banner above the video and put the headline there instead
2. Take those buttons out from under the video and put them in a header (you don't want people clicking away from the page before they have even read your sales letter)
3. As JKirby said, remove all the pictures of yourself. Having the video is enough.
4. Stick to 2-3 font choices for the whole page and keep everything consistent.

I threw this super rough quick comp together for you. It obviously needs more work, but it should give you a general idea of what I am saying.

Simple is always better...