Good time delay for facebook like popup ?

08/01/2015 07:51

Hi there , I use free version of facebook popup so users like my page.I get around 10 likes per 500 visitors :S it sounds noobish I know , but thats what i can afford now :S . Anyways , I have better results changing time delay to 60 secs instead of 30. Any better time delay ? I have no insights to test results.



Opinion on my LP

Hey guys,

i'd like to hear your input on my eBook landing (sales) page design.


Site's getting a bit more than 200 uniques/day, 90% are organic. About 10-15% of them end up on my ebook landing page.

I've added a sidebar widget and the small paragraph at the end of each article which should redirect visitors to my LP. 

Also, after the free chapter (optin bait) is downloaded (3-7 optins/day) there's a direct in content link to the LP.

I'd like to hear your input on the LP itself and what would you do to increase visitor flow from my 'standard' pages to the LP.

thanks a lot!
Cant help you with any of your landing pages for a number of technical reasons on your side... but... you have a book, and I am presuming you are wanting to sell it? why not just do that? All those spots that you are trying to get people to these landing pages... off the book FOR SALE. on the product page, offer the read a chapter and capture their e-mail. either way...if they buy you get the e-mail, and if they want to "try before they buy" you get the e-mail. 
Here's my take on it:

You need to run different landing pages that specify specific problems that rotties have while being trained. This way, you have a more impulse/need based conversion rates. Remember, pain = sales. As an example, here's a couple of thoughts:
  • Is Your Rottie Being too Aggressive?
  • Is Your Rottie STILL not Potty Trained?
  • Has Your Rottie taken the Alpha Spot from You?
  • Does Your Rottie Still Yank and Jerk while Walking?

Your book is fine and probably covers all of these points, but by specifying the specific problems and directing traffic to numerous landing pages based on those problems you will relate to a more specific need-based MARKET.

All the information you have will basically be repeated in all of your pages, but instead of a generic title/call-to-action, you'll be used pain-based and need-based MARKETING and ques versus a generic approach.

Does that make sense?