FOREX niche landing page 99% completed - Any suggestion?

08/01/2015 08:44

Hey guys,

I'm about to open traffic campaigns for my landing page, This is the first time i do this and and i need to hear some professional suggestions before i pay 2,000$ on paid traffic.
This is my landing page ->
I also need advice on FOREX traffic campaigns that's available today, I got a few but there might be smth better out there to provide better results for my money.

PS: I'm willing to pay for good advice & information!


Here few advices, how to make your lading much more convertible:

1. Header. Place large and understandable header through all the width of your site at the top. Proper copy will be your number one point to grab customers attention.

2. Benefit bullets. There are too much of them, customer's attention will be sprayed therebetween. It will be much better to leave only 3-4 the most important. On my mind I'll leave these:
- 100% Bonus on first deposit
- 10%-35% Monthly profit guaranteed
- Professional FOREX expert will trade for you up to 20 TRADES a month
- Free FX account with real time rates (I don't know the MARKET, but if your all of your customers know, that FX accounts are free everywhere, then this bullet makes no sense and it is better to throw it away)
Also you have to relocate your bullets and to place them instead of photo - this part of page is much more viewable, so you can't just waste it on image, you must place valuable information there.

3. Signup form. Is country field really necessary? Can't you identify country by ip? If no, then make it a dropdownlist, don't make user to type in extra symbols, they don't like it ) Make CTA button of diffrent color. It is too many orange in different parts of the page, why not to make this button green, for example?

4. Trust logos. They are too small, I'd better leave less of them but larger. Also you can make them b&w not to steal user's attetion from key areas of the page.

I think that's all for beginning. If you are interested, I can make mockup of how I see this page, but not right now, I'm just a little bit busy. May be we can try to work deeper together to improve your LP, if you wish. Anyway, you have to A/B test all these changes, so good luck with your new campaigns )



The landing page is drawing my eye to 4 different areas of the screen at once, which isn't good. Your USP should be center stage, followed by your call to action. Peekay's idea would cut down on the amount of information on the screen. 

Also, how do you guarantee a profit? I've been TRADING Forex for over 10 years and I would never guarantee a certain profit percent. One bad month and your guarantee is meaningless. 

I also wouldn't want an account that is sometimes managed and sometimes not. If I'm looking for a managed account, I want the expert trader on it all the time, not just X TRADERS per month and then I take over.

Forex CPC is through the roof. I would try social first.



Best Converting Industries, Male/Female, Age, etc - List

Is there a website/paid service that would help parse affiliate industries into segments of:
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I have been looking for something like this for a long time for now myself..

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