First time at this! :-) You're critques welcomed...

08/01/2015 07:42

Hi there,

This is my first internet MARKETING site -- I've largely ignored sites like these (that require payment) because a) i'm an old grouch from the beginning of the web in 94 and b) I've always been too broke to afford anything on sites like these. :-)

I'd really like to get your feedback, since everyone I've shown this too just says 'hey, looks good' but we can't get a single bite. No conversions.

Home - Barbershop Bootcamp

I'm flying by the seat of my pants -- I'm not a copywriter but I've been apeing whatever I can... your critiques and recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi tedbragg,

I am no expert on on the barber profession, but it seems to me that your course is designed for someone seeking to become a professional barber. Yet the barber profession generally requires a license from a state registered school, doesn't it?

It could simply be a product with no demand, at least not for the MARKET it seems to target. If someone is just looking to learn how to cut hair at home for their family and friends the cost seems too high, as they could simply go to the barber shop for less money, right?

Perhaps, if you could get accreditation for your course, then it could be a money maker? Else try a much lower price point to see if that is the issue.

Conversion rate optimization is all about testing and making changes based on test results. Do some market research, find out where the demand is and target that demand. Try targeting different market segments, different price points, and different value propositions. Let your test data guide you to the best solution.



Well since you have only gotten one other response.

As DBurk stated, you are not clarifying your target. All I know about hair cutting is you have to be certified. So I was / am presuming you are targeting your average family. You need to clarify this. 

You need to quantify the value you are offering, and to who you are offering it to.

I would venture to say that your "Target" would be you average mother. Couple of kids and a husband. if they each got their hair cut once every 2 months how much would that be over a year?

I personally would not just sell the information I would work out a super package that included "Professional" clipper and scissor set, to go with the video instruction. 

go for something like "Cut your Families Hair Like a Pro!" - "Easy to Follow Video Instruction"

I would place the video INTO the page. Right next to it place the optin. Get instant access to our "Flattop Instructional Video" enter your name and e-mail below.

Or something like that....

Then below that list out the benefits of doing it your self, and list out some of the cuts they will have access to. 

On your pricing... Are you saying I can access the information monthly for 17.95? or pay $159.95 for a year? I would try something like 17.95 for a months access and 59.97 for a full year. And then like I said I would add the "Professional Clipping tools", with life time access for $149.97.



3 months, no conversions. Need help!


I'm new here and honestly don't understand half the terms and acronyms on the forum (yet). Still learning, so please take it easy on me! 

After reading several posts in the conversion area I decided to post and ask your professional opinions on how to get some conversions to my page. I've advertised the landing page quite a bit over the past 3 months and ended up with zero signups.
Sign up for V2

Either the program is ripping me off and not giving me credit, or the page is simply not converting. Certainly I should of had at least a couple sign ups over the past 90 days, right?! What am I doing wrong? I welcome suggestions to improve the page!

Thank you very much!

1. How many people have clicked on the Sign-up button? This will give you an idea of its the page or the program that's not converting.(I think its the page)

2. The offer does not say much and definitely doesn't speak to site owners. Explain the benefits of joining other than the payout %.

Website owners tend to be knowledgeable about these types of offers, you need to speak their language and tell them the benefits of joining the program. ie. What is the expected EPC, cookie length, lifetime / recurring / residual opportunities, etc...

Thank you! I never thought to include the lifetime cookie & IP logging.

I cannot tell the clickthroughs because the program is handled by the affiliate program. I only see conversions for this particular part of the program. Their product sales has all the details on clickthroughs, but it does not cover clicks for sign-ups under me. 

I'll work on making those changes. Again, thanks!