Feedback on my squeeze page

08/01/2015 08:08

Hey guys,

Looking to get some feedback on my newly developed squeeze page. This is my first ever squeeze page in my journey as an IM-er. Any feedback is welcome as learning is my main priority right now.

Hope to get some tips from all of you awesome people.



There are some words in the upper left of the screen in my end...The video in the opt-in box is cut? Why? If it is cut why do you need to cut it if you will still let the people watch it to the other page. Once in the other page the video can't be forward at the time it was cut. Normally people are busy and don't want to repeat it again...

Hope this helps...



Hi everyone,

I have made some changes to my squeeze page. I think it is more engaging for my visitors now.

I am currently using facebook ppc to drive some Philippines traffic to my squeeze page right now.

Any more feedback would be highly welcomed!



Hi JamesFreddyC, 

I am currently running Hybrid Connect to enable facebook connection as a way to sign up. The button only appears if you are connected to facebook. If not it's a generic Email and Sign Up button.

If you have any feedback on how to mitigate the confusion do let me know!


1st Landing Page for chropractor. Can you help me critique?

I'm setting up my 1st landing page. Seeing as how this is my 1st one, I'm using a friend's chiropractic business to experiment with this on & was hoping you guys could offer a few critiques. Here's the details:

1) My goal is to book appointments for a free chiropractic exam. I'll be advertising this offer via facebook specifically to users in a certain mile radius of the town my friend's office is located. My goal would be to charge for each lead I bring in.

2) I will be advertising this on facebook, using the following ad (the "deposit photos" watermark will be removed. This is only a mockup):

3) The fb ad will redirect to this landing page: Scotch Plains Family Chiropractic | FREE Chiropractic Exam (A $240 value)

4) Once on the landing page, the user can either fill out the form to book the appointment, call the phone number, or subscribe to the newsletter. The ideal method is they submit via the form. I track each appoinment booked via the form. For phone calls, I'm using a tracking number, which I log. The number then redirects to the chiropractor's office with a "whisper" informing them they have an incoming lead from me. Lastly, I have a newsletter signup. If I can't get them to book an appointment, hopefully, I can at least get their email.

Thanks for any help you can provide

Your initial plan looks good, same as your FB image ad and Landing page.
Having said that I will pick you up on 3 things actually:

1. You are jumping the gun somehow. 
You have not identified the exact problem people have, you have also not built any kind of relationship with them, 
yet you are already asking them to book a Chiropractic appointment. 

It is like going for a kiss on a first date (pls don’t do that, you’ll get slapped a lot).

This leads to my second point.

2. Your offer and landing page, does not speak to people with specific problems. 
It is too broad and does not speak to individuals with specific needs.

Imagine yourself on a busy London underground station platform on a Monday morning at peak hour with a megaphone. 
Imagine shouting into the Megaphone
"Attention everybody with a chiropractic problem!" 
What reaction do you think you will get?

Then imagine shouting into the megaphone
"Attention all men over 50, with lower back pain!".
BET you will get quite a few men turn round and pay attention to you.

3. Take it a step backward and segment your target even further. 
You have already segmented by Geographic region, which is good. 
What would be even better, further segment by :
· Age
· Sex
· Type of condition i.e. neck pain, back pain, arm pain, leg pain etc…
· Profession, like athletes, 
· Etc