FeedBack on my Email opt-in, much appreciated

08/01/2015 05:48

Hey guys, thinks for those that refer me to sign up with awaber. Check out my Email opt-in 

Base on what you'll see please do critique if anything. 

Its a light Box- You'll need to wait at least 3 minutes for the Email light box to pop up, and that's because to my customer trust. 



The page background is too distracting. The people in the picture are bidding
for attention and they are getting it. It's a lot to ask to wait for 3 minuets for
a popup if you are asking for a critique. At least change it to a lower time or use
a "dummy" page.

-Ray Edwards



Three minutes is exceptionally long. Either have it pop up right away, pop on the second page the person visits, use an exit pop up, have it pop up after scrolling down 50%, or delay it 10-14 seconds.

But three minutes isn't likely to get you a lot of opt-ins. Do you know how few pages have an average viewership of three minutes or more? Check GOOGLE Analytics.



No Opt-INs but great free content

So I maybe treading on new territory. I have created a squeeze page that is simple. I figure simple should just work. I have an amazing free audio that is extremely valuable. Nevertheless still having trouble getting the Opt-ins I thought I would be getting. Where are the experts?  Once again thank you in advance.
If you have an amazing free audio that is extremely valuable, don't you think you should highlight that on your squeeze page?

God forbid you actually try build a targeted email list instead of a list full of time wasting, money chasing morons who'll sign up for anything as long as there's a DOLLAR sign attached to it.

- Declan
Your copy is blind. What exactly am I getting and how will this audio transform my life? Too many confusing steps after the optin IMHO. I make an optin that would tell people exactly what they will get in exchange for my email address. Then the thank you page would have the download. When I click your "download" link it takes me 3 steps to get to the actual product. I kept wondering where the hell is the fracking download. 
You have a simple page but its too simple.