Feedback on conversion from free subscription to paid

08/01/2015 05:22

I have a site where I am offering a free plan and a two paid plans.

Most people pick the free plan. We have limited the options with the free plan to try and get the people to pick the paid.


Looking for ideas to get people to pick the paid plan. Paid plan is $5 a month so its not a lot.

Out thoughts were to make the free plan a trial for 30 days.

Any other ideas on how to get people to pick the $5 a month plan rather then the free plan?

Looking for experts to chime in here.




Spotify apps gives you one week free of pro services, then they gives you a beta. Follow this example, offer a Pro version for two weeks to your users, and then change to a beta version.



90% of all the services I use right now started as a free trial WITH all features. If I can't judge how useful it is to me but instead I get only a demo, I won't pay for the full fee. Take the example of Basecamp. It is free for 59 days and then $20/month (lowest plan). Because I've actually used it in those 59 days, I've stayed with them for over 2 years.


Critique My Squeeze Sales Page

Looking for some pointers on how I can optimize my squeeze sales page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There's nothing wrong in it, but to be honest the overall design looks like a website from 2007. 

But there are a lot of IM sales pages that looks like this, so It might be okay. I don't know really how this page would perform. If you can/want, redesign it to have a modern 2014 look.

Btw, at first I thought you're selling landing page templates (because of the image) then I realized it's not. What are you selling really?
Hey, I would use another design. First change you copy, "Nobody cares about you, all cares about yourself" that is one rule of Copywriting.

Change you copy from "me" to "you", explain the benefits of using online dating biz, what benefits is going to get the people from you.

But... I am with Gina, I think that you should redesign the website to a 2014 design. With wordpress is very easy create a website today. You can look some online MARKETING advice at my blog Startups That Rock.

I would also set up a Goal... in your case should be get the email of potential customers. Then with a sales letter you can convert those subscribers to customers.
Hi myallenmedia,

You could give CRO a try.

CRO is measuring user behavior and analyzing the results to gain insights into what works well and what is a problem. You then apply those insights to alternate versions and conduct split tests, analyze the results of the tests for further insights, and repeat the process in cycle of continuous improvements.

Asking people to look at your website and guess at the problem will generate ideas, but most ideas may not address the specific problems and may guide you to change the things that currently work best for your website. You might as well just throw a dart at a list of possible changes and go with that.

Why guess when you have data?