Facebook news feed ad don't convert at all with me! please help

08/01/2015 08:20

Hi, I have created 7 campaigns till now on facebook ads using power editor and news feed ad as the ad type but i barely get any %CTR! , I always get very low %CTR like 0.076% 
2,621 Views and only 2 Clicks!

and i am sure that my ad copy and image are very good

also i am sick of the facebook targeting it's not like google where you can simply target specific keyword and get very targeted traffic but in facebook you just put the interest! very very broad! is there a way to target specific keywords in facebook like google?

Please if anyone knows a good strategy to get high %CTR share here



Which kind of ads are you using on Facebook? are you talking about News Feed Ads or Right Hand Side? That is also essential to understand why you have such a low CTR (obviously together with all the reasoning about Creatives and Copy)



Without seeing your ads or knowing who you are targeting on Facebook, it is difficult to be more specific.

However , here are three ways to troubleshoot your ads:

  • Who are you targeting on Facebook, are they your ideal target group?
  • What was your offer to them? was it - relevant, of benefit & valuable to them?
  • Were you clear on what they should do next?

If you can answer these 3 questions honestly, then you should be able to improve your results.

Good luck.



Huge Traffic Zero CRO, What to Do?

I guess it really depends on where your traffic is coming from. The site looks good enough, but are these 100 visitors targeted to be interested in your products?

Live chat would also help to get sales i presume.
The first thing that catches my eye.. you are not speaking the target audiences language. In fact you are not speaking to them at all. you need to work on your product descriptions. 

We are talking the most important day in a your womans life They want to look their absolute best. this is the dress they will look back for the rest of their years as the happiest moment in their life and the best you can say is " White Unique Beautiful, Elegant, Lace, Corset Back, Floor-Length Strapless Ball Wedding Gown."?

you need to connect with your customers. you need to show that it is important for you to ensure that this day will be the best ever!

You are not selling dresses you are selling memories.
A very lazily developed website, thats why you are not getting sales

If im spending $xxx on a dress I expect high quality images of the dress from all angles showing the detail and intricate design and features of a dress. Not just one low quality image.

Also the descriptions are almost non existent

Take a look at the competitors website, one that is doing well. Should give you a good idea what level of detail you need to offer to convert a visitor into a customer , especially for something so important as a wedding dress