Does It Make Sense To Charge Money For Viewing A Video (Mid of Sales Funnel)?

07/01/2015 23:29

Hi all,

Our website sells options trading coaching services (high ticket US$1000-4000), and we are considering to change our sales funnel to potentially 

1) increase highly qualified leads. 
2) potentially make more revenue to cover the advertising budget.
3) present ourselves to be more premium and desirable.

At the moment, we have a free 4 videos series for those who opt in to our newsletter. 

I was thinking of combining those 4 videos into 2 videos. 

1st video will be Introduction to our trading system, and how effective and successful we have been with it. Tell them that anyone can do it as long as they know what tools we use to make the trades. Only show them the end results.

2nd video is a paid video, (US$29.95-US$69.95) whereby they will have to pay after watching video 1 in order to watch the finishing piece to the entire strategy. This video will show all the steps and tools used in our strategy to attain the level of success that we claimed in video 1. With this information they would be able to do the trades and be profitable. 

But our main service, coaching service is our priority. After watching video 2, we will convince the paid viewers that, it is definitely a big plus for us to coach them personally via our 10 weeks course, to ensure that they attain the level of success that we are at. We will encourage them to request for a free consultation call for up to 60 mins, just to see how we can assist them in to making their trading career a profitable one. 

My questions:

1) Does this make sense to charge midway of the sales funnel? 
2) Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



In my opinion, big ticket stuffs need a huge amount of preselling on its own. People need to be convinced that your big ticket product will crank out so so so much value, it's just irresistible.

If you want to sell a $27 product, then you sell it on its own. It's a good idea as qualifier, and you know these people are able to make the purchase.

How about presell video => $27 product. Then presell video 1 => presell video 2 => presell video 3 => Big ticket product.

Again it depends on how high the price is on your big ticket product. A huge gap between Front end and back end is not really desirable.

~ Budi T




It is an interesting idea but I don't think it will work. I've been in this market for four months now and I know how skeptical they can be, especially since every makes huge and bold claims. Test it. But I'd rather package the second video as a product instead of a follow-up from the first one.