Copy written by a pro, but the squeeze page not converting

08/01/2015 06:11


As the title says, I had a copywriter (from WF) write a squeeze page.
Traffic comes from FB. The ads are relevant (the titles say "Weight loss for moms"). The images are relevant too. Targeting - relevant (females with kids)
Here's the page that's not converting.
--removed old link--

Any advice on what to test/improve? 






Before you even consider the words on the page the FORMAT needs some
attention. The gray text needs to be made black and you need some more
white space--the text is too compact. It doesn't say "read me!"

-Ray Edwards



I agree with Ray, grey text should be banned on all serious web pages. As soon as I see grey text I click away unless something else grabs my attention really fast and hard. It also needs more white space as Ray said and as Mag said the form needs to be higher. The question at the top is awkwardly written (a "pro" wrote that? - hard to believe, I hope you didn't pay too much) and needs to be shorter and simpler. 

People in the weight loss mood have heard it all. You need to provide something new, something fresh and not just the same old yawn as everyone else who's trying to crack into this atomically competitive MARKET is using. Go and do some more research and use the tactics that get your attention.



What is wrong with my landing page?

This is my first experience in affiliate MARKETING. I have set up my first campaign on Facebook promoting a car loan service for a network. The action required is just a one-page submit including name, address etc. The cost per click is a bit costly now averaging 0.77. I 'm using a landing page in which there is only a "continue" button along with concise description of the agency and I don't even ask for the email. But, to my surprise, out of 25 clicks on my ad with a CTR of 0.125% no one has so far clicked on "continue" button to be redirected to complete the form. Now the question is how reliable are 25 clicks without even a single click on my button, let alone conversion. My audience is laser targeted at 5000 people. Should I drop the campaign? or modify landing page? What is the minimum number of clicks required to reach a firm conclusion? 

I clicked on the file but it says that I don't have permission to see the file????

But 25 clicks is NOT a lot to go on.

-Ray Edwards