Converting Users into long term traffic, help needed

08/01/2015 06:00


So we have a couple of thousands user who registered on our site and now I would like to ask you about your long term traffic ideas. The problem is that if I send them e-mails it automatically goes to spam folder. We did not spam at all, only sent the verification links(which contained the verification link with only a little text besides it) to our customers from that mail. Is there a way to get out from the spam folder(on gmail for example) can we send a complaint because of the misunderstandings?
Also, do you have any other idea how we could convert the people who register?




Hello there my friend!

If you use websites like aweber for internet MARKETING and make the viewers click the link there's really little to no chance for your emails to end up to their spam folder.

If you want to be extra safe then ask them to mark your email as "safe" and you'll be 100% sure this way 




Testing a business idea

Hello everyone,

I am in the middle of testing for a business idea I have. I would like to try designing jewelry for women who love video games and had an initial design made to create a landing page. The keyword analytics are so-so, but there appears to be a lot of interest out there are ebay, etsy.

I would like to create an A/B landing test page to see what interest it generates using adwords. However, I'm hitting a block as I'm not sure what to write in the test pages. Below is a very rough draft of what I've mocked up so far.
You are able to more precise target interests on Facebook.

To maximize profit, only show your lowest priced
offers first and when they go to checkout, offer
that order as a tradein to a higher DOLLAR item.

Your idea has merit as t-shirts are sold in large volumes
to interest groups, like women gamers using Facebook ads.

Doctor E. Vile
Sorry about that. I attached screenshots so you can see them. The page is not published yet.

I checked out Dr. Vile's recommendation and found a number of facebook groups. One particular group was 380K members strong. I also checked out several women gamer blogs and online magazines. 

I have 3 designs in the works, but the one provided in the test page likely has the most broad appeal. Originally I thought about selling existing items, but many items out there are copyright infringement works made in China...then you have all the esty/ebay stores that are doing the same :/. I'm trying to do this right.
Yeah, I saw that. Audience is over a million! 

I've seen a lot of informational products on this site and there are a lot of good examples I've seen on this site. I'm not really sure how to promote a landing page for a tangible good. 

Should I look into Pinterest as well? I heard that it's a recent development they are going to start doing targeted advertising.