Conversions Are Very Low

08/01/2015 07:44

Our conversions are very low and would really appreciate some seasoned warrior feedback. 

If it matters, I don't think it's our products, services or design, but possibly the copy. But that's for the experts better judgement and opinions that I would love to hear.

It would appear to be a "no brainer" getting reimbursed for routine auto care and maintenance items. However, something is not grabbing the readers attention long enough to head over to the join page or sign-up for our newsletter. If it's design, then please SHARE some tips. If it's the content, sales copy, please share some advice.

Allow me to give you a quick snapshot of our USP (unique selling proposition) which is our #1 membership benefit:

Get reimbursed for routine auto care and maintenance items such as tires, brakes, oil changes, dmv fees, roadside assistance programs, and on and on the list goes.

The MARKET is ripe for the concept and there are over 250m registered passenger vehicles in the USA. But again, our conversions are very low and we are throwing a lot of costly PPC traffic for conversion testing. We're using only Google adwords with over 1400 keywords.

I'm concerned we are not getting the reader to feel like they "just have to have it". If I'm correct, the sales copy may leave the reader thinking "oh that was nice, but not for me" - unless they just spent a couple thousand bucks on repairs and realize they "need" what we have to offer.



John, the home page is very confusing.

You have a slider which keeps moving,
this doesn't give time for the visitor to
understand what's it about or do next.

The headline...

"National Auto Club With Super Hero Money Saving"

Is a big mouthful
with only the last 2 words offer any benefit.

You have navigation links at the top
which allows them wondering off
to see if they can find anything of value.

Do you have split test tracking set up?

Not much point in commenting below because
the visitors would of abandoned before getting there.

Doctor E. Vile



Ewen gave you some great advise....

I think there is way too much going on...

When you land there, you are hit with a bunch of stuff....

Keep it basic.... Down to a few lines of text or simple graphics....

Follow AIDA......

In the "Action" part of it, tell the one thing you want them to do...

Depending on who you believe, you have between 3 and 10 seconds to get their attention.... Overwhelm them and they'll click away from your page.

I would have a couple of landing pages to split test.... and I would "tighten up" your web site....

All The Best,




Human Obsession With The #7

I'm new to the internet MARKETING world, but I have a background in psychology. I remember in my intro to psyc class my professor told us to pick a number 1-10. Over 80% of the class wrote down the number 7.

I have read that pricing something ending with the number 7 (97,87,etc) will lead to more conversions. Which makes sense I have seen quite a few info products out there priced like that. Has anyone noticed a significant increase in conversions with this? 

I'm playing with my pricing now but I really don't get page visits to determine any significant change (about 50 daily)
This has been discussed on the forum before. Check this thread:

Pricing: Whats the deal with magic number 7?

-Ray Edwards