Can someone give advice so i can increase op-tins to my capture page?

08/01/2015 05:57

Hi warriors,

I am new to capturing leads, and recently i begun to create my own list.
So now i am testing with PPC squeeze pages. It would be great if someone can give
advice what else can i improve to this capture page so i can increase optins:

To create this capture page i used online tool called:

If someone can suggest better toll it would be great.


-- Matt2k



The top part is not bad, it has a headline, video and a quick way to optin for something free - not bad.

However from the "The paleolithic diet" onwards that's just three boring paragraphs that no one will read. Talk more about what they will get if they optin - remember they're NOT going to optin just because they see an optin box and the word FREE.

What are the benefits for optin in?

Mention them, use bullet points and so forth.

The very top "headline" needs working, I'm referring to this one:
"You definitely need to check out the cookbook, it's going to open your world up to a ton of recipes. Give it a shot and make the decision for yourself!"



In general, i would say that your landing page doen't look "legit".
Put a logo, create a brand. The brand secure the user and gives him a feeling of a legit business.

Add some content, the description under your lead collection box is not visible and unreadable and too long.

Give the user the thirst to know more. use for example bullet points (3 or 4) with the key benefits of your product.

The background image is unreleavent and not sexy at all. Use image that fit your nich, for diet, you'll find plenty of them available.

Those are some basic points about your landing page. Take time to build your landers, think about it, try to think as the user and to find why exactly he'll give away his email ?

Try to test differents Design, Wording, Placement etc... 

I don't know simpleleadcapture but i'll strongly suggest you to use well known products like 

Leadpages offer you several converting templates for a plenty of niches.
It is perfect if you don't have experience and you can quickly be running with several versions of your landing pages.

good luck !



From LP to final payment page or to vendor's sales page?

Hi everybody,

First of all, I have to apologize for my english, because it's not my native language.

I have been in affiliate MARKETING about 3 month now. My advertsing total costs are $1,000, revenue is likely the same, so I have no profit yet and there is no big loss too. At the beginning I was lazy and I used "direct linking and url redirecting" method in Search PPC and FB. For today, I have created many landingpages, have also tried split testing and so on, but my converstion rate is still very low.

I am promoting CLICKBANK health related products which have a gravity 75 and more. As I told, I have my own landingpages. Is it better to redirect clicks (I mean potential customers) from my LP to the final payment page through "order now" button or to the vendor's video sales page using button or link like "Official website"?

Do you mean they subscribe and are redirected to the order form? If so that's obviously NO. It will look rude too.

You can try redirected them automatically after optin in to the affiliate salesletter and then let the salesletter do it's work, the selling. Or you can try redirecting them to a thankyou page with a big ad so they click it taking them to affiliate salesletter.

Test both and see which works best... hope I understood your question well.