Can my WSO advert be improved?

08/01/2015 06:12

I am not good at landing pages and have rewritten pages several times to try to improve them. I tried some copy writing techniques but still new at this.

Please give me some feedback as to how I can improve my conversion rate. This is my page : Protect your websites kill all bad bots and destroy hackers

Its an anti hacking software for WordPress and other websites.



Use a lot more fear in the headline. Tell me why I should be scared shitless about hackers and bad bots. Tell me how it could cause me to lose money. And all the work I sweated over. Drive home just how bad the situation could be. 

And make it a little less of that blue and red combo.

Use black text. Make it easy to read.



Some pointers here:

1. All the large blue fonts are not necessary. It look overdone.

2. Your REAL challenge though is that you are selling something
that people only worry about AFTER it has happened. People
generally don't buy prevention, they buy cures. So sell your
software as a CURE

3. There are free tools that [supposedly] do the same think so
you have to show what EXTRA your product has over these
free solution.

-Ray Edwards



Needing opinions

I often see people posting their website here and asking for feedback, and I felt it's time for me to do the same.

I will tell you some background details first:

I have been working on a subscription based online classroom for couple of years now with my friend. Our classroom is teaching meditation and other self help techniques. We are not the normal everyday business type, but this is what we enjoy doing and the self-help industry is there.

We finally finished the project and went live with it, but we are experiencing some doubts regarding our advertising / landing page structure. When we first started our business, we offered different subscription methods: Monthly, Annual and Yearly but we quickly came to the conclusion that we need a free trial to get people interested and to try out our product.

We regularly post updates on Facebook and that side is doing really well. However, despite of getting likes and SHARES on Facebook, we still have not gotten any subscribers to try out the free trial on our website.

We did couple of experiments that you can see below, but the result were still the same. It seems people enjoy the content we post to Facebook, but they don't have any desire to dive further into our product, even if it doesn't cost them anything to try. I don't know if there is something wrong with our pages, or are we just have not hit the right target MARKET yet?

Now that you know where we are, I would love to hear some of your opinions about our landing pages:

The main landing page:
School of Soul online classroom

Landing page experiment 1[EDIT: This has been modified to look more like landing page experiment 2]:
Feeling energy with your palm chakras School of Soul online classroom

Landing page experiment 2:
The Spiritual Connection School of Soul online classroom

Do you think the landing pages are too long?

For someone who would regularly enjoy the self-help content, do we make our message about the product clear enough?

I know we are making some typical newbie mistakes here and I'm willing to hear honest opinions about what you think 
This is good enough:, only that perhaps they're seeing those videos at top (the ones content locked) and they're like, "now what do I do?" and exit, they're not scrolling to the very bottom to see free trial. Plus you're asking them to purchase a course right there.

So put free trial at top... so they optin right away and get the content. You can't just put 1 free video, then say: Purchase course to see next one that's just doesn't work.

So instead of saying that, say: Test drive our courses for 7 days.

I think that's all you have to do. So they watch 1st video for free, like it, click 2nd and optin to get the free trial, that's all. It's also very good that they're not billed after trial or have to enter cc info cuz that will scare some off too, since you only have just 1 free video as "demo".

And that's the best splash page, not the other two because they can get something to see content for free right away...