Best way to track if sales page converts?

08/01/2015 05:19


I finished writing a brand new sales page and want to run a split test to see which of my variations converts the best.

I am curious what are some ways I can quickly see if the pages converts?

(I've already sent the offer to my email list so I can't use them right now).




What are pros and cons of each analytics system: Google Analytics, MixRank, I am little bit confused. Could anyone (who tried several of these things) explain it to me?



Whats your one best landing page trick?

Hi guys,

Whats that one best trick you applied to your landing page, to increase your conversion ratio?

For me, it was adding a fb, g+, tweet buttons etc..

As the offer was free for the first month, we got a hell lot of people who SHARED our landing page on social media, bringing heavy amount of traffic 

So, Whats your one best landing page trick? 
I give less or more information depending on a source, from what a user clicked on the link:
If one clicked through from a lengthy article or blog post, one needs less information than someone who came via Twitter or Adwords.
You have already mentioned three social media. I also add Pinterest buttons.