Best company for call tracking numbers

08/01/2015 07:33

Trying to include call tracking numbers for our PPC campaigns to document and track call conversions. Every call tracking company I come across limits usage depending on minutes. I'm looking for a company that charges a flat rate per number. Can any one recommend a solution?

For clarification: We are only looking at 20 to 30 numbers per month.


Prosper202 (PHP Redirect Not Working Properly) - Need Help!

I am not sure why the PHP Redirect in my landing page is not working properly. 

This was what I did:

1. Login to prosper202
2. Click "Landing Pages"
2.1 Landing Page Type
2.1.1 Simple (One offer on the page)
3. Select Affiliate Network
4. Select Campaign (offer)
5. LP Nickname
6. Landing page URL (
7. Clicked "Get LP code"
8. Clicked "Simple"
8.1 Aff Network 
8.2 Campaign (offer)
8.3 Method of Promotion (Landing Page)
8.4 Landing Page (Selected LP)
8.5 Generated Tracking Link
******* 8.6 Copy the javascript in the first box.********************************************** *****************
8.7 Pasted it in the landing page
8.7.1 Opened my LP's file (notepad)
8.7.2 Searched for closing head tag, "</head>" without a quote and made a space.
8.7.3 Pasted the javascript from prosper202. 
8.7.4 Saved
9. Got another notepad and named it (redirect.php)

********9.1 Copied the entire php code from the second box (prosper202)************************************** *****
9.2 Pasted it in my notepad with a name "redirect.php"
9.3 Saved.

10. Opened my LP's file (notepad)
10.1 Searched my Call To Action link
10.2 Entered my landing page link with "/redirect.php" (
10.3 Saved
11. Uploaded to server(public_html) using Filezilla (LP file - index.html and the redirect.php) 
12. Got back to prosper202.
13. Clicked "Get Links"
13.1 Got Text Ad Code For (Choose Simple Landing Page Setup)
13.2 Selected Affiliate Network
13.3 Selected Campaign (offer)
13.4 Method of Promotion (Landing Page)
13.5 Selected Landing Page Name
13.6 Selected Ad Network
13.7 Selected Account Name

14. Copied the generated tracking link 

I tested it:

15.1 Put the generated tracking link in my address bar
15.2 Clicked the Call to Action Link and the images (It should redirect me to the offer) BUT IT DIDN'T.

What should I do? What did I do incorrectly? And how to solve it?

Please help...

Problem solved!

The javascript code for the landing page should be placed above the </body> tag, not inside head tag.

Thanks to Naveen K's solution. . .