Basic Squeeze to CB

08/01/2015 05:43

Hi all

Total beginner but been doing some research on affiliate with CB. 

Just after some tips on a basic Squeeze straight to a CB product, it's very basic but my aim is to get the user straight to the sales page for the conversion. 

Site is World Of Warcraft - Easy Gold

Again a beginner so tips and criticism welcome! 

Cheers all




Alexa..... you know what he means......

He means landing page.

That's what that is, after all. It's not a squeeze page. A landing page (also known as gateway or door way pages) are simple pages that "presell" an offer. That's what the OPs page is. Unlike a "squeeze page", it doesn't generate leads.

A "squeeze page" collects leads, such as email addresses, before passing traffic to an offer. Thats what I believe the OP should be doing.



Apologies for the confusion of my earlier post.

I think you're very unlikely to make (m)any sales, that way, Neo. This post may help you: What are the best ways to promote click bank products? 

You need to be collecting the email addresses of your visitors. Here's the point: to earn any significant money from affiliate MARKETING, you need to do three things ...

(i) Keep your potential customers returning to the sales page (because not so many people buy anthing much at their first visit to a sales page, and if you don't have a way of contacting them, their first visit will usually be their last visit!);

(ii) Make increasing sales (ideally at progressively higher prices) to the same "captive audience" who regularly rely on and trust your recommendations;

(iii) Establish the credibility and trust necessary to do both the above by earning's people respect as a provider of niche-related information.

Without collecting your visitors' email addresses, of course, you can't do any of the three and you'd just be throwing away almost all the traffic you ever generate that doesn't buy anything immediately. And people don't buy CLICKBANK products like that "immediately".

These three threads are more informative ...



Is my Sales page convincing?

Put your offer at the top of the page. What is unique about the information in your book that will make me want to keep reading. The sales page is boring and uninspired, so why would I think the book is any better?

Illustrate a use case or some other example that makes me picture using the skills you teach. Address a problem I have that would make me want to buy the book.
I love the concept behind the product.

I wonder if the price point being over $20 is deterring? For instance, I know nothing about hacking. I'm somewhat interested in learning. As a total beginner, I could find tons of free content online to get started, no? And even if not, since I know nothing about hacking, how would I know that your digital materials contain better information than what I'd find elsewhere for free?

(I'm just playing devil's advocate here... please don't hack me! LOL)

I'm not suggesting it's a bad product. I'm tempted to buy it myself, to be honest. But I'm also wondering where your visitors are coming from...? And what their level of knowledge or interest in hacking is? Perhaps the traffic you are generating is the issue? I have a feeling total beginners wouldn't be very likely to buy this.