Auto tracking conversion with clickbank and voluum ?

08/01/2015 06:32


I am using voluum tracking and i am wondering, if i choesed a clickbank product then i got my ID (Hoplink) then placing an offer with the hoplink and started campaign using this tracking link ... is that means that i am tracking everything even if someone bough the product will that be recorded on voluum or i should use pixel (note that i don't under stand pixel at all) if yes how can i use click bank with voluum the best way to track everything.



6500 FB Likes in a week with ads but no penny yet! Any idea if I'm on the right track.

I have started a blog about kitesurfing, surfing, and SUP which is what I love doing. This week I ran an ad on FB and I've done good targeting as I paid 300$ for 6000+ likes..... Now the challenges I face are these:

1) Not a good variety of related affiliate products to sell through CB
2) I'm also using Adwords on site but it seems that no body is clicking on them. 

I would love this thing to work, as I really love these sports and I'm aiming to make a couple of thousand DOLLARS per month and I'm happy. However I feel that I'm doing somethings right and I need to improve somethings which I can't identify. 

So far I haven't earned a penny from the site at all. 

I have 60% bounce rate
40% return users

All likes are quality likes! - Surfers etc...

Any idea how I can make some money of this....maybe anyone can have a look at my blog and FB page pls...
First thing... Do you know what your target MARKET really wants? 

Are they looking for insight on new gear? Trip ideas? Are they beginners? Seasoned riders?

Once you figure out your best guess for what they want, come up with a way to build an email list. Having a fanpage is great, but even better is having a mailing list. 

If they want new gear insights, maybe you can put out seasonal gear guides free to subscribers that show off your top 10 picks for surf/sup/kite. 

If they want more surf trips, maybe you compile a report of 'The top 10 waves with the best barrels and no one in the lineup' to give away.

We have a snowboard niche site that we've gone through a few phases of growth with and the extreme sports niche can be tough... (Especially now that we've been chasing an endless summer for a while!) But do-able, because of the passion aspect. It is fun to produce content in these niches because it is just another form of SHARING the stoke.

For monetization, really the affiliate network has the best merchants for the extreme sports niches... Tons of surf/sup/kite products you can link to.

Depending on your budget you could hire a programmer to pull datafeeds from affiliate programs and compare pricing for top quality gear that you review... So then you could get known as the place to look for the best deals on quality gear. -style, but surf/kite/sup based.

Really, the 'trick' is to find out what it is the people who visit your site want and then help them get it faster/cheaper/easier and you are in the right spot.