Analytics tracking

08/01/2015 05:59

Hi all. I want to track my visitors coming from my blog to website. I have added SSL certificate https in my website url but not in my blog. Im getting my visitors those who are coming form my blog to my website as only direct visitors. I want my visitors to track using my blog. Is there any way.


Hi johnson10014,

By using two different sub domains you have configured your blog to be a separate website. That configuration allows you to track you blog as a completely separate website.

You can setup GOOGLE Analytics, as well as most other analytic software programs, to track across multiple domains. 

A default setup of Google Analytics is designed to track content and visitor data for a single domain. You can track your multiple domains as separate domains, or you can track your multiple domains as a single entity, depending on how you configure the code snippet.



Landing Page Anxiety Minimizing Elements - Which One Do You Use?

Which ones do you use/works best for you? My top picks are the following:
  • Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use etc. Rarely read but still helps)
  • Detailed Shipping Instructions (especially the average shipping time and additional charges, if any)
  • Unconditional return policies (depending upon the business)
  • Client testimonials (Always a conversion booster)
  • Certifications (Industry/Vertical specific Certifications like Quality Assurance/Check)
  • Trust Symbols (Like Better Business Bureau)
  • SSL (This makes more sense now from SEO point of view as well)
For me it'd be testimonials and trust symbols.