7000 visitors/month, what do I do next?

07/01/2015 23:34

A while back I was fooling around with a blog about dating, mainly guys complaining about women or dumb things men do trying to date women, etc. I made a bunch of funny/weird blog posts on different subjects sometimes using "colorful" language and out of nowhere some of those posts started to rank in Google.

I'm averaging 5000 - 7000 visitors per month for several months now but they're all from weird "non-buying" keywords. 

Has anyone manage to convert traffic from non-buying keywords? Especially in the dating niche.

I want to advertise some dating products but I feel most of what's out there is complete crap! 

Any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated.




First, check from google analytics. What keyword did people type in the search engine to get to your site? And study that keyword. What is the motive behind that keyword? What is the problem that people are facing that make them type those keyword.

Then, you need some 'real estate' to monetize your blog. 
- A product
Pick a product that really suits you. You can find them on CLICKBANK. A lot of great products over there that I think you will like. 
- A landing page
You need this to start collecting the email addresses of people who will be interested in your product.
- Autoresponder sequence
Then you need to send some follow up to these prospects email.


To convert traffic into buyers, what you need to do is to TELL them, "Hey I got a solution here for your problem". Below are the things you can do to do that: 
1. Turn your blog into a your lead generation powerhouse. That's where you will make most of your money.
- Put a gigantic banner at the side of your blog that really attracts attention. This banner leads to your landing page.
- Put eye popping notification bar above your blog, also pointing to your landing page.
- Put a lightbox popup on your blog. This lightbox can be a squeeze page as well.

2. Test 'bribes'
- Write some kind of valuable report that you can give away in exchange for email addresses.

3. Direct prospects to OTO

4. Email them everyday.

5. To improve conversion, TEST and TEST and TEST absolutely every single thing about your funnel, starting from your blog (sidebar, popup, and notification bar), your squeeze page, your emails.
- Don't forget to test your headlines, and marketing messages.

Testing is the KEY to high conversion and it's the one skill that will make you the most money in the long run. 
You don't have to test many things at once. In fact A/B test just 1 or 2 things for a week. Then once you got the winner, test other things.

You will absolutely kill it with high conversion rate by making testing a habig. It will put you head and shoulder above the competition, my friend!

- Budi T




ClickBank stats issue

I have a site in the survival/prepper niche and have done linkbuilding, seo and paid ads. Stopped paying for traffic for a bit now, but it still gets some steady traffic, but low volume. Has about 100 pages, some customized PLR, clickbank reviews, and amazon reviews, with links to the products, one or two in the text. Then the site template has widget areas for banners ads, about 7 total in different spots. Some on home, some in sidebar, then one above and below content. I put banners in them from the clickbank affiliate materials and I made a few of my own.

Here are the ClickBank stats for last two months, around 15 offers. Lots of clicks on the banners and text links, but 0 conversions. With these numbers I would expect at least 1, something. Even a few order form server calls, but no sales. Even lots of order form impressions. So they watched the video or read the sales copy and then clicked to order form, then no sale? 
In that case try to change the product more frequently and check the stats because you can't stuck on single product, you need to test and test until you found out correct product for your website