2% conversion rate traffic??

08/01/2015 05:38

Does anyone know of any traffic sources that can guarantee a 2% average conversion rate as I have a product that wouled make a lot of money but need a good quality reliable traffic source.


Wrong question really.

First, ask yourself who has a specific problem
or want a spefic result you enable them to achieve.

Next ask yourself is where can you economically 
reach them, either directly or through other people's 

Getting those questions answered creates more, much more accuracy
in achieving your desired result.

Doctor E. Vile



That is a very unreasonable request.

No traffic source can provide a guaranteed conversion rate for all comers. That would be a silly thing to do. Every offer is different, every website different. If someone offered such a guarantee they would immediately become flooded with all the worst offers ever imagined and all the crappiest websites ever built to try to take advantage of such a foolish guarantee.

Targeted traffic is indeed a requirement of high conversion rates, but the most targeted traffic in the world isn't going to convert for a really bad offer, or a really poorly designed website.

Having said all that, if you are looking for the best place to get targeted traffic that is most likely to convert, then that is an easy answer, Use AdWords to target the GOOGLE search network. There is nothing more targeted and reliable than that source.




My first try , your professional feedback.

Hello there , 

I'm a software engineer student and i have been studying affiliate marketing in every free time i have , i'm so into this that i INVEST my free time into watching vidoes , reading about this amazing job.

after 2 months of learning i decided to make my first move , my monthly budget is kinda limited and as a student i really feel every penny i pay and i don't really mind paying in order to learn as long as i benefit from it. 

Any ways , after getting some extra CASH this month i started with a clickbank product for photography , i searched on google adwords planner and i've made sure that the nich is good enough, the product seemed legit and the price is reasonable.

I made this website using Adobe Muse, Photography tutorials 

I have used 7search as my advertiser since i can't pay 200$ in media traffic and im not ready yet for Leadimpact,Trafficvance. 

I started yesterday and so far i got 100 visitors , paid something around 7$ and i still got 43$.

0 sales so far , 0 mail submission , i'm not shocked or depressed as i knew this would happen ~.~..

I would really appreciate your professional feedback , tell me what i did wrong and how to fix it , I know this is the noobish website or landing page u have ever seen but hey, we all gotta start somewhere no ? ..

Thanks for reading and sorry for my English as it is my 2nd language ,

Enjoy your day!.
Okay, let's get started here:

1) Headline: It's poor. Where is the desire to read? Okay, so your tutorials are cheap, great! But I can find free tutorials online via YouTube...I'm clicking away to search for that instead *gasp* A better headline might be something like:

How to become a Photoshop Master (The 28 secrets used by Photoshop Gurus to create eye-popping images...)

2) Content: Under the headline, I would add a subheadline, to create an information gap, something like: Watch a beginner use our step-by-step process...

Next, add a video. Why? You're dealing with such a visual medium (ART!) that giving away some valuable content is required here. Give a quick tutorial showing how to do some shading or something valuable that the visitor can follow along with and see the expertise and quality of your stuff.

3) Call to Action: Under the video, we want to have our strong call to action to kick our squeeze up a notch. You will want to experiment and really focus a lot of your attention on creating a strong call to action, but it will be something like:

Want to see more awesome tutorials and Photoshop Master Classes like this?

Become part of the Photography Tutorials newsletter now and receive exclusive access to photoshop tutorials that will help you learn the secrets behind:
  • Photo-Manipulation
  • Making portraits look out of this world
  • Advanced retouching techniques
  • Eye Popping characters
  • And more...

4) Opt-In Form: Now add your opt-in form. Make the color stand out from the background with a sharp contrast. With that grey background you're using now, I would try a form that's orange or green to REALLY make it standout. And make your "submit" button more exciting. Change the text to "Give me Access" etc.

5) Post Opt-In: Lastly, I would add some testimonials here from the actual product, and add some sample images from inside the course so people can see the quality included. Under these testimonials, have another Opt-in form with similar Call-To-Action.

6) Extra Tips: GET RID OF THAT VISIT COUNTER!! It's ugly and unprofessional. Stick it back in the time machine it came from and send it back to the 1990's

The images you're using now are ads, but they don't lead anywhere... get rid of them. The only thing clickable on your squeeze page should be your submit button. I don't want to see them there any more 

This might be controversial for other warriors, but I would also remove your affiliate link from this page. What do you want them to do? Click your affiliate link and risk losing them forever, or join your mailing list? I'd choose the mailing list every time.

Pay special attention to split-testing the following things:
Color of the opt-in form
Words in the headline
Phrasing in your CTA

Change each of these factors one at a time and measure which gets your more opt-ins. Always be testing. ALWAYS BE TESTING. ALWAYS BE TESTING!