10+ optins per hour

08/01/2015 07:48


Is this possible to get 10+ optins per hour?
Please SHARE your experience with me



Well that would mean you would have 240+ optins per day, so that is definately possible. 

You would have to use paid traffic to achive that though, but if you have a solid funnel in place the paid traffic should pay for itself so to speak so you would be building your list for free.



It is very easy to get 10+ opt in's per a hour. Especially with solo ads and even FB ads (depending on the target audience).



Best conversion process for high value clients?

What do you think is the best way to attract and convert clients spending at least $100/week and usually $1,000/month+ on online business consulting services and internet MARKETING types of work?

Most of the sales funnels I see on the warrior forum appear to be for people mostly interested in free offers, one time purchases, and membership programs that mostly are under $99/month total or less which consistently feature upsells to thousand plus DOLLAR programs. Most approaches are designed to "funnel" you in.

The problem I see is that the usual funnel approach deters most bigger clients from getting started. I say bigger in the sense of people that could consistently spend thousands. I know this first hand because I never sign up or go through anyone else's email process because when I want to spend my money, I want to make my decision nearly 100% before I have to give anything including an email. I have ordered a few PDF reports just to see what other people do and I end up immediately unsubscribing from their lists to avoid their upsell pitches. When I decide to work with someone, I want to see portfolios with impressive clients or samples of actual work and then talk about it right away. As far as I can tell, most of the highly desirable clients work this way too.

This leads to the idea of SHARING value first for free and then minimizing the friction between communicating with big clients. What do you think of this type of conversion process? I have tried to make my website in line with this conversion process and I value your opinion on my website at jerrybanfield.com because there is so much I do not know still. My frustration is that I do not even know what I should learn more about.

I would love your opinion on what you think the best conversion process for high value clients is so that all of us can speed up our learning.

First let me say that I have watch some of your videos. In particular a video you did on Facebook advertising. Your method has made me money. I have SHARED the video with others, and THEY have made money. Easy to understand and very to the point. Thank you for that.

Now to your page...

So you want to attract $1000 a month clients... I hate to say it but not with that site! Page development is no more than a glorified Facebook ad. What are the principles behind a solid facebook ad? A solid headline, and a focused solid product pitch. Do you have either?

"What does Jerry Banfield do for you?" is not quite cutting the mustard. "Want to drive insane targetted traffic to your website?" might be a bit more appropriate.

I hate to say it but the page is about YOU. I have this, I do this, My MY MY. what about me the client?

I think you need to separate your personal inspirations away from your business ones. Its ok to introduce your personal site on a business page, but they really should not be the same site. ( I understand your "Center" and that is not what i am referring to, its the Xbox videos! haha )

Your homepage... What do you offer? digging a bit on your own site I see 3 offerings; Facebook ads, GOOGLEAdWords, and YouTube advertising. That should be front and center. ( I found that you offer more after writing that, but these are your 3 main topics )

So your home page should consist of a solid headline. Want to Drive Insane Targeted Traffic to Your Site? Right below that your 3 areas of expertise. Click to learn more.

Below that, Testimonials. A list of some of the companies in 30+ countries that trust you to run their campaigns. And that is IT. no videos no blog posts.. save all that for later.

Now you have definition... you have purpose.. you have direction. More importantly You have just created the start of a funnel. On each of those pages pitch your service, what is the value in the service you provide. offer a Video ( ONE Video ) for each topic. Close the deal. get them to sign up for your Newsletter. Again stay focused on the goal.

Here is a phrase I use "1 Page 1 Purpose" the farther you stray from that idea... the lower your conversion. That is the idea right? 

Hope that Helps!
but what about you MAKING MONEY? Believe me, I understand the part of giving value. but the value in your case is almost self defeating. why would I hire you if I can watch one videos and get decent to great success? ( I got 8000 page likes and 2000 shares from one image recently from ONE $5.00 campaign ) THANKS TO YOU! It was all due to targeting and timing.. it was simply awesome!

You need to find the balance in what it is you want to offer ( that pays the bills and allows you the time to make these videos), with offering value to your readers.

a real rough... Him My name is Jerry Banfield. I have been developing marketing techniques for Facebook, Google Adwords, and Youtube since ####. Blah blah blah so many business' in over 30 countries. 

You can look at the services that I provide, and start using my years of experience today. Or if you like you can look over my videos where I get in depth into the methods I use. 

You need to be upfront that you do this for a living. These are the services thatI provide. here is what I can do for YOU ( insert testimonials here )

The freeby information needs to go a bit deeper in the site. THIS information IS BAIT... this is the content that will bring in the prospects. There are 2 variables in life. there is time and there is money. there are guys like me that may not really have the time but make it... that will try to figure out marketing tactics, and then there are those, that simply do not have the time or the expirience and would hire a guy like you.

THAT is your target.. that is the language you need to speak. time is a powerful variable. in case studies the use of time beat out the use of money in advertising. IE "Saves you time" was more effective than "Saves you money"

hope that helps!